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When the gentleman  was 45 years old his wife suddenly passed away…..

His relatives and friends advised him to remarry and settle down.


He advised all in the negative and told them that he had only one son

And my son is a gift to me from my wife,

I will look after him well and my life will be successful with his success.
Son grows up…gets married in grand style and the father handed over his well established business to his son and retired.
After a year or so the father had his breakfast a bit early one morning
After starting his breakfast he requested his daughter in law for  curd ……if it was there 
His daughter in law said there was no  curd….this was heard by his son…who was entering the dining area for breakfast.
After the father had his breakfast the son and his wife sat down to have breakfast….on the breakfast table there was a bowl of curd.
After having his breakfast and with no comments, the son also left home for office. That day and night the son pondered over curd matter.

Next day the son requested his father to accompany him to the court  to get married.
His father told him “I do not need a second marriage at this age and I give you all the love, you do not need a mother.

What is the use of the second marriage ?”

The son replied him politely…father I am not getting a mother for myself or a wife for you….i am only trying my best so that you get your bowl of curd everyday.
From tomorrow me and my wife will move to a rented apartment and I shall work in your office as a worker who will be paid wages,so that your daughter in law knows the value of a bowl of curd.

Parents can be ATM cards for their children but children need to be adhar cards for their parents……🙏
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What is VBA?

What is VBA?

deducteesBasically VBA stands for Visual basic for Applications and is the backend programming support for the Microsoft Office products, especially Microsoft Excel, Access, Word and Powerpoint. Shown above is an example of a userform that is used to list deductees in a Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) sub-system. VBA is what powers the userform (object) and the code behind it takes care of the executuion.

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